• Never let a cartridge run out of ink. The resistors in each inkjet will burn out if they
    continue to fire (at 360 degrees celcius) if the supply of cooling ink is cut off. It
    pays to have a replacement cartridge on hand.

  • If the cartridge is showing 'Empty', have it refilled or replaced immediately. Don't
    try to get the last bit out of the cartridge by shaking it, as this can cause damage to
    your cartridge which is unrepairable, therefore making it unable to be refilled        

  • It is better to sacrifice a milliliter or two of ink rather than running right out remove
    the cartridge from the printer and place it in a resealable plastic bag and/or in the
    clip provided

  • Have the cartridge refilled as soon as possible (within a week) as the cartridge
    cannot be stored for an indefinite period.

  • Do not touch the copper plate on the printhead with your fingers this can cause
          the contacts to get oils, dirt,static charge and make the cartridge unreadable in
          the printer  

  • Clean the printhead when lines and/or missing dots form on your text or graphics,
    using the 'on board' cleaning cycle (refer to your printer manual). If this fails to
    clear the problem, call us for the best solution to the problem. If the problem
    persists, it is usually due to cartridge electrical failure.

  • Don't leave them out of the printer as this will cause the printheads to dry out. If
    you take it out of your printer, wrap it in kitchen towel (or similar) and store in the
    refrigerator until you can bring it in for refilling don't leave the cartridge in a hot car
    as this causes the ink to expand and leak.

  • Keep colour cartridges upright, as if the cartridge is left on its side, it can lead to
    contamination of the colors or it can draw ink from the printhead             
Warranty Information
Our Gurantee
1) Why do the printer manufacturers tell me not to refill?

The answer is simple. They practically give the printers away in hopes of
having you as a captive customer for life, by selling you over-priced
printer cartridges. And then, some printer manufacturers sell "High
Yield" (sometimes with a different number) on some cartridges that look
exactly like the standard yield cartridge. Now, what makes some
cartridges "High Yield"? They filled them to capacity. The standard yield
cartridge, which is cheaper (and the one that comes in your printer),
was only half filled at best.

They are trying to scare you by saying "We will void the warranty if you
refill". Why do they say this? Because they WANT YOU TO KEEP BUYING
THEIR CARTRIDGES. Refilling is completely harmless and will not damage
your printer.